Tsum Valley trek

Tsum Valley trek

April, 2019. 

Tsum Valley is believed to be one of Buddhism’s sacred hidden valleys, where spiritual progress is facilitated, and where you will find old monasteries and thriving communities of monks and nuns. For centuries, people in the valley have depended on subsistence agriculture, grazing herds of yak, and trading with Tibet. The trails curve past square chortens and walls of stones hand-carved with Buddhist prayers. People still grow barley and tend to their yaks.

Tsum Valley - video

Trekking to remote Tsum Valley, a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley situated in the Northern Gorkha region, in Nepa. The valley was first opened to foreigners only ten years ago. It is one of the nicest places to visit in Nepal, in my opinion. The video is a brief resume of landscapes, places and people. An extraordinary solo experience in Nepal that I hope to repeat again in future.

Nepal, April 2019. 21:55m

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