VS Carmen is a custom corporate typeface for Victoria’s secret. The family is based on Andreu Balius’ Carmen typeface that is currently distributed by Typerepublic. It was commisioned for brand product communication in different media, from brochures and catalogue magazines to comercial website. 

The family includes two different display styles (with its italics) together with the regular text styles. Display styles show the idiosyncrasy of this typeface, providing a special charm, elegance and exhuberance to the text. Its high contrast gives a sofisticated mood to the overall composition, with lights and shadows that provokes both mistery and enlightment. 

A special low contrast version was designed for small text sizes when used on dark background, as a requirement from the client. Ligatures and alternative characters were designed for the display sizes as a way to convey sensuality and some sort of ‘sex appeal’ to the family.

Carmen is available for licensing though typerepublic website