The Typecraft Initiative is a self-initiated and self-funded project. The goal of the project — through the creation of typefaces based on various crafts or tribal arts of India — is to inspire, create awareness and generate further interest in the history, context, work and life of the people we collaborate with. The mandate of The Typecraft Initiative is to raise funds for collaboration and involvement of diverse groups of tribal artists and craftspeople from India in creating typefaces based on their arts and crafts. Whether we make money or not, the craftsperson always gets paid in advance. Funds raised from the sale of the typefaces is first used to cover all costs and initiate similar new projects with other tribal and craft artists groups.

The project is meant as a way for craftspeople and tribal artists to think in new ways — in a world where they are no longer able to sustain themselves solely through traditional networks and systems. While they themselves are finding new ways — through new mediums and objects to make their work more commercially viable to new audiences — we believe as graphic designers, their skills are invaluable in creating a typographic archive of their work. This is not only an archive but something that can also be used in our digitally-driven lifestyles. The digital medium also allows for the ease of dissemination of the typeface to markets across the world. We hope our customers, through their purchase would not only learn more about these communities but also directly engage and give more opportunities to them.