Patufet is the main character of one of the most famous folktales of Catalan tradition. Patufet is usually represented as a very small child the size of a rice grain, wearing a big red ‘barretina’ (Catalan traditional cap) so that his parents can better spot him around the place. He is curious and mischievous, until one day he decides to show the world that he is useful and reliable.
Taking the character into account, Patufet type family shows itself as a very simple and humble Roman typeface intended to be useful and readable enough for text purposes. 


Fairy tales and folk traditional stories such as Patufet itself have helped to inspire its design. Also, the idea of designing something both simple and ingenuous has been at the core of this process of work.


Patufet is cheerful, joyful and sunny. It will bring a happy melody to your pages with that light-hearted charm. All the family comes with a basic set of fancy emojis for your amusement.