FF Font Soup was an informal commissioned typeface from Font Shop friends.

The idea of designing a typeface from the noodle soup letters was first introduced in the Garcia Fonts & co. type project (see Garcia fonts Library #6) in 1994. Taking into account this idea, Jürgen Siebert, who invited me to be part of TypoBerlin programme in its 1996 first edition, was enthusiastic with the idea of having a FontSoup family based on both Catalan and German noddle soup letters (those lettershapes that anyone could find at the supermarkets). Jürgen provided us with a German alphabet noddle soup package.

We had a lot of fun scanning letters and drawing them on screen. They were nicely “cooked” in different cooking time: Regular, Boiled and Extraboiled. Although only the original Vomited style was missing from the package for understandable commercial reasons.

I have been always very grateful with Jürgen for this commissioned work in the early 90’s.

The soup family was included in their FontFont catalogue as exclusive collection. 

Postcard edited as promotional item for FF Font Soup family.

This video was made in order to introduce FontSoup family to the audience during our Typerware presentations. The animation was created in the mid 90’s, in the old times of Macromind Director software. It’s quite a long time now. Please, be indulgent with this unsophisticated results.  ;-)p

  • Designed by

    Andreu Balius / Typerware