Elizabeth Friedlander (née Friedländer, 1903-1984) was born in Berlin. She studied design and typography with E.R.Weiss at the Berlin Academy and went to work as a graphic designer for the elegant Ullstein journal “Die Dame”. She was commissioned to design a typeface for the Bauersche Giesserei in Frankfurt am Main, a most unusual task for a woman at that time. Her typeface Elizabeth was first cut by the Bauersche Giesserei in 1938. Georg Hartmann writes that the typeface is one of the best and most beautiful ones ever produced. It is particularly esteemed by private presses and for printing jobs that require a delicate touch.


Bauer Types commissioned me to revive original Friedlander’s designs as faithfully as possible but taking into account the existing differences among the different point sizes. So, reviving Elizabeth supposed to make some personal decisions on small details that were not always present in all sizes.


The reviving of Elizabeth involved a long research on her work, furthermore her inspirational masters, so as to glimpse the delicacy and refinement in her letter shapes.

I have to say that this was a very inspirational reviving work for me, both professional and personal. Since Elizabeth Friedlander is considered the first woman type designer in history, it was a good chance for me to vindicate the role of women in type history.

This video was designed as a way to introduce Elizabeth typeface, taking into account some details of its accurate design.

  • Designed by

    Andreu Balius, after Elizabeth Friedländer’s original designs.

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