Manaslu trek

Manaslu trek

April, 2019

I left Tsum Valley behind, coming down from Chumling and crossing Budhi Gandaki river. Days are clear in the morning but cloudy in the afternoons. Some snowfall in the higher villages.

The trekking around Manaslu connects different villages  along the way. Main stages during this journey are: Deng (1941m), Namrung (2694m), Lho (3200m), Samaghaon (3512m), Samdo (3830m), Dharamsala (4393m), Larke La (5160m), Bhimtang (3724m) and Dharapani (1993m) where we reach the jeep road to Manang.

Larke La is the highest pass and requires to be in good condition for bad weather and heavy snowfall.


The path follows the Budhi Gandaki valley until the highest villages of Samaghaon and Samdo. Shyala and Samaghaon are the nicest places to rest with magnificient views of Manaslu range. 

I stop at Samaghaon for a two day rest and aclimatization. Visiting the Birendra lake and making friends with locals around. Lucky to attend a Buddhist local celebration mastered by a Guru Rimpoche. 

Trekking around Manaslu - video

Trekking around Manaslu, visiting villages along the way and interacting with local people and traditions. Manaslu trek continues the Tsum Valley trek after Lokpa village, following river Buddhi Gandaki. It climbes up to the high pass of Larke La (5.160 m) and steps down to Dharapani village where it connects with the classical Annapurna trek. Both Trek Valley and Manaslu where complete in 18 days.

Nepal. April, 2019. 22:46 min.

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