Typerepublic Workshops

filet Typerepublic gives workshops on type design and lettering as both an introduction for beginners or a way to deepen the understanding of typography.

Workshops can be organized as intense 2 or 3-day group experiences or, even a longer programmes of classes and tuition for small groups.

Programmes are designed according specific needs.
A type design workshop is also a good way to develope an educated eye in graphic design and be more confident when using and choosing a typeface.

Andreu Balius has been teaching in different countries and cities (alone or with other peers). This experience gives him an open overview of different approaches and local views that enriches the whole design process.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to organize a type workshop with us.

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Typerepublic Lectures

Typerepublic also gives presentations and lectures about the work that is involved in custom and retail type design work. Typerepublic likes to share experience and practice knowledge with other people.


Workshop + Lecture list

Salzburg, Austria
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Helsinki, Finland
Weimar, Germany
Bern, Switzerland
Quito, Ecuador
Munich, Germany
Tenerife, Spain
Pontevedra, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Santa Fe, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rosario, Argentina
Asunción, Paraguay
Bogotá, Colombia
Getxo, Spain
Salamanca, Spain
Granada, Spain
Lisboa, Portugal
México, México
Chihuahua, México
Barcelona, Spain
Sevilla, Spain
Málaga, Spain
Veracruz, México
Valencia, Spain

Entretipos. Barcelona 2013

Escola Serra y Abella. L'Hospitalet, 2014

Familia Plómez. Madrid, 2012

Toca Me Festival. Munich, 2013. © Photo by Robert Hranitzky

OFFF Festival. Barcelona, 2012. © Photo by Pere Virgili

© typerepublic. Barcelona 2015