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filet Pradell is the result from a research study on 18th century Spanish type specimens and, furthermore, is freely inspired from punches cut by catalan punchcutter Eudald Pradell (1721-1788). Pradell family is intended for literature text composition. It includes a complete set of glyphs for any Latin-based language.
Pradell is very readable at small point sizes and elegant for book text composition.

Designed by Andreu Balius

Pradell web
Pradell is also available in different font formats for the web: Pradell webfont

*Excellence in Type design Bukva:raz! / ATypI. 2001
*Excellence in Type design (Judge's Choice). Type Directors Club. 2002
*ADCE Award 2002
*AEPD Award 2003

Type specimen booklet

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Designer Patrick Thomas has used Pradell when labeling Olirium oil directly on the bottle by screen printing system. filet

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Pradell family is used in book covers designed by La Japonesa studio. filet

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Spanish designer David Torrents has used Pradell family at different communication elements —poster, brochure and invitation— for the architecture DELTA 2007 Awards.filet

These are some samples of the use of Pradell in diferent design works. If you have any sample you would like to show, let us know.

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