User Licence
Digital type should be considered as software. Its use is protected by intellectual property law. When purchasing a typeface –font software–, the purchaser does not get the ownership of the font but the license to use it. The purchaser gets the licence to use the font software to any computers as the license allows it.
Typerepublic's license allows for the installation and use of fonts on up to 2 computers (basic license) or more (multiple license), according to client’s needs.

• Basic license: Up to 2 computers (main computer + laptop).
• Multiple license: More than 2 computers (multiple users).

We allow sending a copy of font software to a service bureau for printing or pre-press facilities. Service bureau is not allowed to use the font at its own purposes. In that case, the purchaser will be liable for any noncompliance or default according to the licence agreement (EULA).

Designers and Clients
The purchasing of font software allows unlimited use of the font within the terms specified in the End User Agreement. The designer –agency, studio or any font user– can use the font within any kind of work as many times as he/she wishes. Its unlimited use lets the designer use the font for any client according to his/her design project. But, under no reason, the designer will provide the font to his/her client. If the designer’s client –company or whatever– wishes to use the font, they are supposed to purchase their own license.
Font software and its licence can’t be transferred to third parties.

Modifying Font Outlines
The purchaser is not allowed to modify or alter the font software without permission. However, under no circumstances may the resulting work be for resale or further distribution.

Sending End User License
When a font software is purchased, a personalized User License Agreement is sent by email. If you would like to know the terms of our agreement in more detail, you could check it at the following page > TR License.

Why is important font licensing?

TypeRepublic, like many others, is a very-very small type foundry that produces high quality typefaces. Designing typefaces is a very hard process and it takes a long time to develope a font that could be used properly. It's also an act of love and passion.
In those terms, licensing is an act of respect. And, most important, the guarantee that type designers can continue creating original new faces.

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