End User License Agreement - EULA

This end user agreement is a legal agreement between you, or your company (or whatever you represent) and Andreu Balius / Typerepublic (Milà i Fontanals 14-26, 2-2. 08012 Barcelona. Spain), and is applicable to the font software you have ordered from us.
This non-exclusive end uset license grants you to use the font software for your own personal or internal business purposes according to the terms of this agreement.

By purchasing and installing Typerepublic font software, you agree on all the terms specified within this End User License Agreement:

1. Digital files installed to your computer contain font software that is the intellectual property of the font's respective designer, represented herein by Typerepublic, that owns the rights for distribution and reserves all rights to intellectual property.

2. This license is for the benefit of a single user only. You may install and use Typerepublic font software on a total of not more than two computers (e.g. main working computer and a laptop). In case additional installation is required, a multiple license should be required.

3. You are not authorised to rent, sell, lend, lease or give away the font software to another person or entity. It is not allowed sharing the fonts and making copies. Back-up additional copies of the font software are only allowed for exclusive archival purposes, provided you retain exclusive care and control over such copies.

4. You are not authorised to transfer font software's license to another person or entity. Sublicencing is not allowed.

5. You may take a digitized copy of the font software used in a particular document to a commercial printer or service bureau for its reproduction. Upon completion of document the service bureau must remove/erase the copy of the font software. The purchaser is responsible for securing this data and making sure that unlicensed copies do not leave his/her possession.

6. Embedding of font software into documents or internet pages is only permitted in a secured print/read-only mode. Editing and modifying content should not be allowed. You must ensure that recipients of such documents or internet pages cannot extract the font software or use the embedded font software for editing purposes or for the creation of new documents. A non-secure pdf document is only allowed when sending digital files to a service bureau for outputting purposes only.

7. Modifying font outlines is not allowed without previous authorisation from Typerepublic. Any modified font software is considered as derivative work and the use of derivative work is subject to the terms and conditions of this license agreement. Derivative work from Typerepublic font software is only permited (under explicit authorization) for customary personal use. However, under no circumstances may the resulting work be for resale or further distribution.

8. Typerepublic warrants that the font software will perform in accordance with the specifications published by Typerepublic. Damaged or defective font software can be replaced when accompanied by the valid sales receipt and the user licence number within 30 day period after purchasing.

9. You are not authorised to convert the font files to any other font format, including .woff .svg .eot .ttf, for their use as webfonts.

10. Typerepublic thanks you for licensing font software. This is the only way to get some compensation according to the amount of time and energy that a new type design entails. For further info, please contact: info@typerepublic.com

© typerepublic. Barcelona 2014.