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Garcia fonts & co. was an open project that was made possible by contributions from everyone who collaborated actively with their personal items*.
So, the common surname «Garcia» (as «Smith» in England or «Dupont» in France) appears with the clear intention to group all contributors.
How anyone could join the crew and get the fonts?

The Garcia fonts & co. family crew
(Andreu Balius + Joan Carles Pérez Casasín)
A pair of (typo) graphic designers from Barcelona.
Andreu Balius was the founder and has inspired the Garcia project since its beginning.
Andreu and Joan Carles have designed some of the first fonts in the catalogue.

Laudelino L.Q.
Graphic designer. Barcelona.
Caminante por el valle de las sombras, guitarrista afamado por los senderos más recoditos del blues, bluegrass, miembro activo de un grupo anarquista visceral, amparado en el diseño gráfico.

Estudi Xarop
Bernat and Toni are two graphic designers from Xàtiva (Pais Valencià).

XAROP: elixir grafico a base de extractos creativos de dos componentes "to+be" (*).
Especialmente formulado para cualquier experiencia de tipo artisticoexperimentaltipograficohumoristicoespialidoso…
Ahora nuevos sabores: Naranja bit y pixel manzana.

(*) XAROP is a graphic studio founded in 1993 by Toni Benlliure + Bernat Gramage, with no spiritual or sanitarian aim. Cheers!

Àlex Gifreu
Graphic designer. He works in Figueres (Girona) with Pere Alvaro under the name of BIS.

Malcom Webb
Graphic designer from London.

David Molins (Damoka)
Graphic designer. Sant Feliu del Llobregat (Barcelona).

Peter Bil'ak
Graphic designer from Slovenia.
Hello, my name is peter bilak, i have been living and working in different countries (US, Slovakia, France, England) under different names (peterb, Broodje&Kaas, Loser&Loser...). For the last year and a half I have been in Maastricht, Netherlands eating cheese and making my research at the Jan van Eyck Akademie. If am not researching, I am designing fonts or making videos and books... some of my faces you can see in FontShop catalogues, other work in design magazines that I work with.
For more information visit:

Roberto Saenz Maguregui
Graphic designer from Bilbao (Basque country).
Multimedia artist, formed under the basis of swiss type tradition and a transgresor of the real Bilbao Pro taste. Partner and co-founder of Agente Doble studio, now "eurocom: Visual Consulting", as a double-identity.
A Bilbo-Man that enjoys preaching in the desert of graphic design.
Duchamp, Beuys, Rauschember, Donald Judd, are references in his work.
He likes potato omelettes and surfing (and i'm tall and dark-hair...).

Pablo Cosgaya
Graphic designer in Rosario (Argentina).
33 años. Diseñador Gráfico. Profesor Titular de Tipografía I y II en la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. En 1991 integra Cosgaya Diseño, estudio que hoy dirige junto a Marcela Romero en la ciudad de Rosario.

Adrià Gual
Graphic designer. He studied and works in Barcelona.

Francesc Vidal
Artist and cultural activist in Reus (Baix Camp - Tarragona).
Some projects involved:
sàpigues i entenguis produccions.-senyieinesperilloses.-estratègies comissariat.-està verd i no passen.-fenici.-alitraco.-fills putatius de miró (consells, advertències, amenaces... i una venjança).-antic terme del prat.-mai badem.-a enganyar déu.-talp club.-grau zero (circuit intercomarcal desmesures sonores).

Sergi Ibáñez
Graphic designer. He works in Barcelona.

Fabrice Trovato
Graphic designer in Paris (France).
My name is Fabrice Trovato. I'm living near Paris. I'm a graphic designer and web designer too. I'm working on corporate and Musical Edition projects (Great White, Kid Creole)
So maybe you can find some garcia fonts through these projects and release.
I'm still working with friends on new fonts , but it's another story.

Reto Brunner
Graphic designer from Berlin.
You really want to know everything about me? ok. I just started a little nice office for design (2d, 3d, web and all those "new media") with some friends who have enough from all these other offices. Now we have a nice room with a crew of graffiti-sprayers and fashion designers.
Anyway, I know now how much i love my bed at home but i don´t see it very often.

Carles Closa - "Charly Brown"
Graphic designer. He works in Barcelona.

Franco & Sven
Two graphic designers. They are nice swiss kids and work in Zürich.

Iñigo Jerez
Graphic designer in Barcelona.

Marcus Schreiter
Graphic designer living in Budapest (Hungary). Originally from Germany, imigrated to Hungary in 1998. Weather is simply nicer over here :-) ...
Typefaces and fonts are a hobby of me (as probably for most of us!).

Milos Radosavljevic
Graphic designer from Slovenia.


(to be continued)

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