Second folded issue from the library collection. It was published in autumm 1993.
Within Library #2 "Fabrique" and "Dinamo" typefaces were both featured.

Poster where Dinamo typeface was featured. It was designed by Typerware (a graphic design team formed by Andreu Balius i en Joan Carles p. Casasín).
A futurism text from italian Fortunato Depero was used in order to suit the typeface.

Unfolded poster 40x42 cm
Folded: 10x21 cm
1 ink on 100 gr offset paper
Printing: 500 issues

Status: sold out

Inner folded library issue where "Fabrique" typeface was featured. Fabrique typeface was designed by Andreu Balius in 1993.

This typeface wants to take into account the constructive spirit of an industrial era.